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I am very aware that quite a few people struggle with using a ketogenic diet. Many have found it very effective and sustainable in helping to manage lipoedema and lymphoedema and if that’s you, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

However, many others have found it a bit too hard to stick to, and some realised that their body just didn’t like it even though they followed all the suggestions to make it work.

I know more than a few people whose doctor or family are concerned about them being in ketosis so they decided to not use keto anymore. And many people struggle with balancing their electrolytes on keto no matter how valiantly they tried.

Maybe keto just wasn’t the right fit for a variety of these reasons and if I’m describing you in any way here, you may have felt very helpless about your legs. Especially when others talk about how much a ketogenic diet has helped them. 

Interestingly, I’ve had several nutritional medicine patients who have recovered their metabolic flexibility sufficiently to not need to be in ketosis anymore. They wanted to try introducing some anti-inflammatory carbs to expand their food choices. Does it surprise you to know that you don’t NEED to be in ketosis for the rest of your life to maintain great health and vitality?

With all of this in mind I developed a LOW CARB nutritional medicine protocol for lipoedema and lymphoedema. I’ve tested it on more than 100 women (102 to be exact) and the results have been very nice indeed! 

People who were consistent with the dietary and lifestyle suggestions reduced pain, reduced swelling, improved energy, body fat reduction, and improved inflammatory and other health markers that we track with these conditions.

“Thank you Kimmi! I’m now down 32kg in the last 9 months, my legs feel great, I love my food, and I haven’t had to get into ketosis to do it all! It’s hard to believe!” ~ Kathy

(( That’s about 70lbs! ))

“I don’t even know where to start. I’m pain free, emotionally stable for the first time in years, my whole family can eat exactly what I eat and when I showed my food list to my doctor she was very happy. I feel like I have my forever eating plan and I’m so grateful.” ~ Sharon

Katrina Harris and I combined forces again to further develop this protocol into a Low Carb Workshop. We combined our expertise in Nutrition and Life Coaching. We have personally worked with over 1000 women with lipoedema and lymphoedema. and we have these conditions ourselves. We bring compassion, empathy, experience in delivering Workshops online, and a broad range of resources to the field of effective management of these conditions.


Our Low Carb Workshop is designed to do the things that keto does, but without the ketones. It’s a gentle and holistic approach to food and other lifestyle modifications that can help you take lipoedema and lymphoedema by the horns with confidence. Low Carb could be the perfect stepping stone out of where you are right now with your food, and into a healthy, sustainable, and effective way of eating for you and your family without getting into ketosis. 

The Workshop takes the confusion out of Low Carb and lifestyle modifications for lipoedema and lymphoedema. Katrina and I feel especially great about being persistent and resourceful in finding strategies that help women with lipoedema and lymphoedema. We are very proud of not being stuck in any particular dietary dogma!

Click HERE to read more about our new Low Carb Workshop!

If you’ve got any questions, email Katrina ( or me ( and we will of course be happy to answer them!

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