Kimmi Katte


I have a confession to make that maybe some of you resonate with.

I have a gym membership that has barely been used in the last two years. And when I say barely, I mean hasn’t. Hasn’t been used in the last two years .. there, fixed it!

It’s not that I haven’t been to a gym at all. My physiotherapist has a gym that I’ve been to for treatment for my neck and my knees. And my exercise physiologist also has one that I’ve been to lots of times for my neck and knees. But I haven’t been to MY OWN GYM once since COVID started. Still paying the membership fees though.

So today I did something I’m actually very proud of myself for. I decided to drive past the gym (I can already hear you laughing but just stay with me here). See, my gym changed locations during COVID and one of my many excuses for not going was that I didn’t really know EXACTLY where it was. My other excuses involve issues around anxiety, knee pain, neck pain, grief, and just plain old laziness.

I didn’t put any pressure on myself to even get out of the car – I just decided to drive by. And lo, but there was a parking spot directly outside the door of the gym. A sign!! So I agreed with myself to park in that spot and just see how the outside of the gym felt in my car.

It felt good!

Then I thought, I have time. I could probably go inside and see how the INSIDE of the gym felt. So I did.

It also felt good!

A nice lady met me at the door and asked if she could help me – I sheepishly told her I haven’t been since COVID started and she offered to show me around. Everything is so nice and new and smells gorgeous – I love it so much!!

And now I’ve got my fob, my app is all up and running and I’m ready to start going to my gym again!

Moral of the story is? Just take the first step, one that might a teeny bit uncomfortable but still achievable. It might lead you to some more steps in the direction you really want to go.