NUTRITION TIPS FOR LIPOEDEMA no matter what kind of diet you use …

Are you sick to death of feeling confused and paralysed by food choices when it comes to lipoedema? 

I remember one day about 10 years ago when I’d had it up to the eyeballs on the confusion and contradictory information about food and lipoedema. It was lunch time, and I had my plate on the bench but felt paralysed by my internal dialogue that was saying things like 

“Don’t eat that”
“Don’t eat too much of this”
“That’s too much food”
“That’s not enough food”
“So and so says not to eat that”
“This is inflammatory, or is it?”

It all becomes so hard that you end up eating nothing at all, or everything you can lay your frustrated and fed up hands on. 

Honestly, if you know you know! 

These days as a Clinical Nutritionist working almost exclusively with women who have lipoedema, I’ve come to understand I wasn’t alone in my confusion and paralysis. We all have fallen prey to the rules around food for us, to the (mostly) well-meaning nutrition opinions of our friends, families, and healthcare providers, and to the internal dialogue that swims around in our heads beating us up or at least making judgey comments at every turn.

I love bringing clarity to nutrition for women with lipoedema because the sense of relief is almost palpable when the penny drops about how easy it all can be.

One issue that comes up frequently though is the variety of diets we try to apply. Within scope of finding ways to simplify things with food, I’ve created some simple and effective strategies women with lipoedema can use no matter what kind of diet they choose to use. 

It’ll give you confidence and ease around nutrition for lipoedema and take some of the sting out of those day to day food decisions.

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