Kimmi Katte


Lipoedema is a chronic connective tissue and adipose tissue disorder present in approximately 10% of women. It shows up in the legs, and for many women in the arms as well.

Lipoedema was first written about in medical literature in 1940 by Drs. Allen and Hines, and it is commonly under-recognised and misdiagnosed by medical professionals today.

Pain, swelling, and easy bruising in the affected areas are the classic symptoms that most women with lipoedema experience. As the condition progresses, women with lipoedema notice “cuffing” at the ankle, fat deposits at the inner side of the knee, fatigue, and an unusual texture within the fat that might feel like peas, marble or gravel under the surface of the skin. The intensity of pain in affected areas can become severe.

If you have these body signs, and your doctor tells you that you just need to exercise more and eat less without examining you for lipoedema, find a new doctor for a diagnosis and then begin your journey to discover the many lifestyle changes you can make to improve the symptoms of lipoedema. While certain kinds of exercise and dietary protocols impact lipoedema favorably, what your doctor means by “moving more and eating less” will not improve lipoedema, in fact, it will drive your metabolism into the ground.

If you’re having trouble finding your way through the food and movement maze with lipoedema, please contact me – I can help you!

It’s not your fault, but you can make a difference!