Kimmi Katte


I’ve just sent an email to 50 restaurants and cafés in Sydney.  No, I’m not looking for work – I’m offering them an opportunity for a Clinical Nutritionist to look over their menu to make life a bit easier for people who are trying to follow a low carb healthy fat dietary protocol.  I decided to combine my love of menu perusal with my skills as a Nutritionist so that everybody wins!

Many of my clients have difficulty knowing they can safely order food that complies with their eating protocol when they go out to eat.  So many fortunate people can go out to eat without having to worry about their food causing pain and inflammation, but there are a lot of people who struggle with eating out because of these very issues.  They worry that there are ingredients included in some dishes that might cause pain and inflammation, and they don’t feel comfortable grilling the wait staff about ingredients – that gets awkward in busy cafes and restaurants, and sometimes they get tongue-tied about what to ask.  They’d love to be able to go out to eat, feel confident in placing their order, enjoy their food, and know for sure that they won’t be in pain because of ingredients that might be problematic for them in their meal.

Lots of people these days are using a Low Carb Healthy Fat dietary protocol because it’s proving to be very beneficial to their health.  It’s also a great way to lower body fat, and with what is almost affectionately being called “the covid 10” in relation to how much weight a lot of people have accumulated during the recent months, it’s a great way to get back in shape now that everything is opening up again.  The only problem is that it’s a bit tricky to be able to identify which menu items might fit that Low Carb Healthy Fat category.

And this is where I might be able to help restaurants and their clientele. 

I’ve offered the following to a limited number of restaurants at no cost:

  • A review of their current menu to identify two Low Carb Healthy Fat meal options.
  • When these TWO meal options have been identified, they may clearly mark Low Carb Healthy Fat on those items so that their clientele can identify them.
  • If I cannot find two meals on the menu that meet the criteria for Low Carb Healthy Fat, I will make suggestions on easy swaps their cooks can use to ensure they comply.
  • I will recommend their establishment in the Treatment Plans of my local Nutritional Medicine clients, and also on my website for my clients who are visiting Sydney.

All they have to do to take up this offer is to reply to my email and attach their current menu.  I’ll take the process from there. 

Why am I letting you all know about this?  Well, it occurred to me that this is something that might be helpful to you. 

No matter where you are in the world, f you have a restaurant or a café where you’d like to see a couple of menu items marked “Low Carb Healthy Fat” so that you can comply with your eating protocol, send me their email address and I’ll contact them about this reasonably priced service.